RAMSES on the Scinet GPC

RAMSES is an AMR MHD cosmological code. This is a short guide on how to run it on the Scinet GPC.

RAMSES is mercifully easy to get installed on the GPC. You just need to use the correct fortran compiler options, which are beautifully already in the Makefile! Just comment the default F90 and FFLAGS out, and uncomment these lines:

    F90 = mpif90
    FFLAGS = -cpp -fast $(DEFINES) -DNOSYSTEM

Then simply go to ramses/trunk/ramses/bin, and edit the Makefile to select the number of dimensions you want (1, 2, or 3). Then just run make, and you will get your executable. Don't forget to remove the -DWITHOUTMPI if you want to run in parallel

After that, simply use the standard GPC submission scripts and mpirun to fire up RAMSES.


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